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Companies rebrand for a number of different reasons: to give a fresh look to their image, their prior branding was insufficient, a merger of companies, or because their brand hasn’t been able to keep up with the ever changing marketplace. Whatever the case may be, rebranding can occasionally backfire. 

Take for example; in June of 2011 they changed their name to, alienating their customers. By November, they got the hint and changed their name back to

September of 2011 brought a similar story. Netflix changed their DVD service to Qwikster. Again, customer backlash forced them to change it back.

A unique story about Hewlitt Packard’s attempt and regress at rebranding is featured in the above featured Mashable video.

Fear not, there are ways to successfully decide if a rebrand is a smart idea and there is a right way to execute it. From new logos and brand manuals to your Twitter handle, everything must be rebranded with care. 

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